Full Auto Valet

The full valet service is one of the most professional services a car wash or car valet can offer to their customers. As the name implies, this service should fully clean your vehicle and bring it back to its original showroom look. There are limits to this of course, you cannot expect a full valet to tend to light scratches, swirl marks, paint correction, leather or carpet repairs. These are detailing services and requires a lot more attention and skill than what the full valet does.

Perhaps a more accurate description would be a 'full clean of your vehicle' because the full valet is designed to get rid of all the impurities from both the inside and outside of your pride and joy.

Let's take a look at exactly what you can expect a full valet to include.

What A Full Valet Should Include

Full Exterior Wash & Dry - You can expect a full wash of your vehicles body and the wheels. The person performing this task should take their time and nothing should be missed. You will be paying extra for a better service so the quality of the finish should be excellent.

Tar Spots/Tree Sap Removed - Over time your vehicles will accumulate a lot of hard dirt spots on its exterior (especially if you use the motorway a lot), these are called tar spots. As part of the full valet service you can expect these to be removed, this is especially important for the next step of the full valet. If your vehicle has been sitting under a tree or parked next to a bush for a long period of time, it will no doubt be inflicted with tree sap. This should be removed as part of the service as well.

Layer Of Wax Applied For Protection - Once the vehicle is free from dirt and other contaminants a layer of wax should be applied for protection and a lasting shine. This keeps your car cleaner for longer, looking great and makes the next wash a breeze.

Full Interior Vacuum - The interior of your car should be fully vacuumed. This should include the boot, side pockets, storage compartments, glove box, dashboard and every other nook and cranny within your vehicle. This needs to be done to a high standard for it to justify the extra money spent.

Full Interior Carpet Shampoo - Once the car is fully vacuumed, a professional carpet cleaner should be sued to remove all of the hard dirt and filth which is festering within the carpets that a vacuum cannot get to. A quick job won't do here, the right products and time should be spent to do the job properly for a lasting effect. So many car washes will just get the surface of the carpet so it looks clean on the first impression but won't have got in deep enough.

Leather Cleaned And Fed - If the vehicle has leather inside then it should all be professionally cleaned with the appropriate product. Cleaning leather is trickier than most other materials within the vehicle. It takes more time and effort to bring the dirt up from the leather and then needs to be wiped away to avoid getting sucked back in. Once the leather is clean, a feed should be applied to bring it back to life and revitalise it from its flat old self.

Plastics, Dashboard, Matte, Chrome Cleaned & Buffed - All of the plastics within the vehicle should be cleaned and dried, the dashboard should be cleaned and all of the 'fluff' which tends to linger should be wiped away. Every inch of the vehicle should be cleaned and then dried to bring it back to it's original condition.

Headlining Cleaned - The top of your car has a material which is often referred to as headlining, it gets dirty and needs to be cleaned in a specific way to avoid damage. The car cleaning specialist should know the best way to clean this material without risking damaging it in the process.

Tyres & Trim Dressed - To give your vehicle that brand-new look, the tyres and trim should be dressed to help them look clean and fresh. Also if any of the exterior plastics colour is faded in any way then this should also be treated.

Windows & Glass Cleaned And Buffed - All windows and glass should be fully cleaned and then buffed dry to perfection. There should be no smudges on the windows, mirrors, wing mirrors or door handles once the job has been completed. This is usually the final step in the full valet process and really finishes the final look off nicely.

Auto Valet R700.00

Steam Clean engine and chassis using SABS approved cleaners/degreasers.

Body Wash: Includes Rims, Tyres & wheel arches
Interior Clean: Seats, carpets, dash, door panels, roof lining, boot are cleaned using a multipurpose cleaner which gets rid of bad odours
Water is extracted from seats and carpets using a Cyclone extractor.

Special Wap dryers are used to dry the interior
On leather seats: A special leather cleaner is used to clean the seats a leather cream/conditioner is used to nourish the leather, giving you the new leather smell
The vehicle is also polished using a buffer
Mag wheels, AND rims are also polished

Auto Valet & Detailing Package R1200.00