Vehicle Upholstery Repair

Amazing Car Care has everything vehicle lovers need to restore or customize their vehicles interiors ranging from replacement upholstery and seats to dash trim.

We are dedicated to car leather upholstery restoration and care.

We offer the best leather upholstery & car seat repairs and will breathe new life into your upholstery or call us for any of our other great auto services.

Customization doesn't stop at a paint job and some accents; upgrade your whole car by investing in Amazing Car care interiors to reflect your personal style.

Re-dying leather car seats will give the interior of your car a new lease on life. Not only will it make worn seats look like they have come straight out of the showroom, but re-dying leather car seats will help make the old and stiff leather feel soft and supple.

Auto Glaze/Detailing R700.00

  • Vehicle is washed to cleanse the paint and remove all impurities
  • A clay block is used to remove paint contaminants, such as brake dust, overspray. Though they are not visible, they feel bumpy and gritty and may cause patches of paint to appear dull even after waxing
  • 1st step polish- Applied using a cutting compound to remove surfaces scratches, swirl marks holograms as buffing continues
  • 2nd step polish- Oxidizes the paint making it deeper and brighter. Delivers brilliant depth to all colours
  • 3rd step polish- The paint sealant bonds with the exterior of your vehicle, Giving it a mirror like wet finish. Shields against external contaminants; UV rays, salt and harsh detergents that can fade or discolour this paint work.

Auto Valet & Detailing Package R1200.00